Day 80: The Tip of England

Day 80: The Tip of England

It’s day two here in Cornwall.
This place is more beautiful than I imagined. The setting is green and mystical, seeming almost isolated from the rest of the world. It reminds me of the feeling I had when I visited Ireland at age 11.
I’m living on a farm with a welcoming family in a converted apartment on the second floor barn. The animals roam freely here; I usually wake up to a flock of turkeys and chickens outside my door. In the fields they have cows, horses, and sheep, along with three working dogs and a feisty goose.. The property is quite large! I walked the perimeter yesterday and the nature is astonishing; the trees in the woods covered with green moss and lichen, leaves changing color, large stones here and there that may have been placed 4,000 years ago, all leading to a beautiful panorama of the surrounding hills. In the opening, I found a stone facing towards the distant sea that I might find myself returning to for a sit and meditation.

The work is tough, but not strenuous. They have camping yurts for guests, but now that the season is over we are taking them down for the winter. It’s a nice schedule; beginning work at 09:30, working until our tea and cake break, then working a little more until 14:00 when we eat lunch. Generally after lunch I am done for the day and free to do as I please.
The barn apartment is cozy! I have a well-stocked kitchen, a living area with a tv & electric fireplace, and a small bedroom separated by a wall.

I’m very happy here. I’m lucky to have found such lovely hosts in such short notice.

Written 10.15.17

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