Another Turn of the Page

Another Turn of the Page

The page turns and I’m off to another adventure.
Cornwall to be exact; a farm at the edge of Bodmin Moor accepted my reply and I’ll be volunteering there for about two weeks, or at least until I get my internship sorted out.
As much as I love the excitement and thrill of the adventure, I’m looking forward to being settled in one place for a bit. If I had fewer bags to carry, it would be another story; I could easily go day-by-day for months with my backpack alone, but with a suitcase on top of that it takes its toll.
I’m hoping this will be the final leg of my journey before returning to Italy. Then of course once I get settled in Legnano, I’ll begin traveling again!

Anyways, I’m actually really itching to get back to Italy; I miss everything about it. I miss the language, I miss the food, I miss the people, and of course I miss the wine that flows cheaper than water. I miss speaking and learning. I miss the slower pace of life and the pleasure of spending a day doing absolutely nothing.
Fast-paced London can stress you out if you’re not in the right mindset, any big city can! That’s why I’m looking forward to these next few weeks in the deep south-west countryside of England. People have told me that the pace of life is slow there, much like Italy. Additionally my hosts will be providing a separate apartment with a kitchen, so I’m looking forward to cooking for myself again!

And so I turn the page, eager to meet what is to come.

Written 10.13.17

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