London Holiday with the Parents

London Holiday with the Parents

I met up with my parents for a few days!
My dad does work in England so since I’m already here my mom decided to come as well and we made a holiday out of it. I first met them in Elvetham after leaving my hosts in Sussex. We stayed at a glorious estate in the countryside that once belonged to the Seymour family; the family of Jane Seymour, 3rd wife of King Henry VIII. It’s also said to have been the premier location of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and once visited by Queen Elizabeth I with a large oak tree in the field to commemorate. The place was beyond beautiful! We spent most of our time there just walking the property.
My room was positioned in the converted stables. And I really cherished my time in that room.. Although honestly I’d rather not stay in a hotels while traveling, sleeping in hostels and on bare floors will really make you miss a luxury like that.

The next day we drove to Runnymede on the Thames.┬áIt was also on business of my dad, but we still really enjoyed the place! We walked a small trial along the river to another small village where we found a cozy pub for a beer and wine. The walk there was pretty; the river trailed by spacious houses and scenic barges. We spent the next day at Hampton Court. I’ve been here before, but it’s really so large that seeing everything once is a difficult task. Additionally it’s just a really pretty palace to see for a second time. It’s almost unbelievable to step in the shoes of the lives of old monarchs. It’s fascinating, at least in this day and age, to learn about people living in such luxury. I mean, I just get excited when I get to sleep in a hotel! And now us peasants walk freely the grounds once forbidden by uninvited guests.

We traveled into London for the weekend. Like I said before, I’ve always had a special place for London in my heart. But alas my fortune ran out upon arrival.. We had a lovely evening walking the streets and eating dinner at a Turkish restaurant on a side street just off of Oxford. But as good as that seafood fettuccini was it was the death of my stomach.. Food poisoning. I spent the entirety of Saturday in bed. Of course I’ve learned my lesson; don’t order a seafood dish if it isn’t specified what exactly it contains, i.e. Seafood Fettuccini.
The next day was very nice though! Walking Kensington Garden and Hyde Park leading to Oxford street where I bid farewell to my beloved vans. They’ve been great travel shoes but with color faded and rips along the sides after months of travel, they are on their last legs.
We made our way to an exotic, international food market at the Sunday Upmarket. My stomach was still recovering so I didn’t eat much, but the Asian street food I did have was delicious! It really is a shame that I got sick while my parents came to visit, but on the other hand I am fortunate it happened with them rather than in my own care; the care of a parent is better than anyone else.
I was sad to see them go the next morning, but I will be coming home for Christmas within the next few months!

Now I’m writing from Phoenix Hostel near Regent’s Park. I’ll stay here in London until I travel to Cornwall for another Workaway, this time on a farm! Although it is always so nice spending time with my parents, it’s also nice to be on my own again. I spent yesterday at the British Museum, delighted by the free admission. The treasures and artifacts they hold there is just incredible! Especially a piece like the Rosetta Stone.

I am so drained honestly. Today it really hit me. Before hearing about the Workaway, I was really debating whether or not I would be able to make it. It’s just frustrating because my internship keeps delaying and delaying, and the more they delay, the more my wallet dwindles. But after hearing about my Workaway in Cornwall, it appears things are coming together once more! Slowly, but surely. Honestly, it can be a little draining and stressful from time to time, that is travel for you. But you need to just sit back and realize where you are and what you are doing; a step back and look at your adventure. It really has been one hell of an adventure so far. And anyways, it sounds like it’s only a matter of time until I’ll be teaching in Italy!

Written 10.10.17

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