Gradually and then Suddenly

Gradually and then Suddenly

I’ve always fantasized about the idea. It’s an entertaining subject to ponder over while traveling, but I never entirely took the idea seriously. And then I met her…

It was so easy. There’s a simple quote from one of my favorite books written by Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises, where one of the characters describes the way he lost his fortune;

“Two ways. Gradually and then suddenly.” – Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

I arrived in Genoa, got comfortable, met a girl, then before I knew it I’m feeling things I haven’t felt in years. Gradually and then suddenly.

But like many things in life, it’s not that simple. We’re both very independent travelers from far away countries with many different plans in mind for the future. The subject of what happens next after Genoa is a difficult and unknown area. But whatever happens, the moment now is incredible and I’m going to try my best to continue enjoying it.

That’s one of the most valuable lessons that living in Italy has taught me so far; to enjoy the moment here and now while it’s present. As I’ve come to find, the moments come and go before you know it; Gradually and the suddenly.

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