“Welcome to Genova :)”

“Welcome to Genova :)”

My month here in Siena is just about over; only two nights left. I have the second part of my final exam at University tomorrow, then the next day I’m out.

The unknown of what’s happening next is both an exciting and a terrifying prospect that’s been staring me in the face since the beginning of August. What will I do next month? I spent some time looking for a September job on a website called www.workaway.info, where you can find volunteer opportunities at hostels, farms, building houses or maintenance, volunteering as an au pair, and so on in exchange for accommodation and in some cases food. During my travels, I’ve met many people who use it regularly. A friend that I met in Riomaggiore who has been traveling for a few months now, said she once even went a whole month without spending a dime. It’s proved to me just how easy it is to go off and travel for months/years at a time. Anyways, I knew if I didn’t find something like workaway, the money would dwindle before I knew it.

Luckily, last week I was finally contacted by a host in Genoa who owns two hostels in the center of the city. I Skyped with one of the managers, a very friendly woman who spent most of the conversation talking about how fun and fulfilling of an experience it is as well as a little of what the work entails, rather than the standard interview questions that I prepared for. Was I just hired? I’ve never used workaway so I am a bit unfamiliar with how these sort of things go about… But I guess it’s that easy, they want me! I’m going to Genoa!!

And here we are… Now the month of September is beginning to form. I at least know what I’m doing for the first few weeks; The rest, we shall see.

The unknown is slowly but surely becoming known.

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