Genova… Dolce, Bella Genova.

Genova… Dolce, Bella Genova.

And just like that, it’s over… 

Having worked in a hostel for the past two & a half weeks with new travelers arriving every day and leaving the next, you become pretty accustomed and quite good at saying goodbye. But nothing prepared me for my own…

The past few weeks have honestly been my favorite during the almost two months in Italy. I met the most incredible people, all walks of life from all corners of the world; listened to the most adventurous stories from fellow travelers, both long-term guests and the nameless traveler just passing through for the night; and I’ve felt the most intense sensations, sensations that I haven’t felt in years.

It all came and went so quickly. Genova became my temporary home and I felt I found a family there. I discovered just how easy it is to live in a city for free. Honestly if I didn’t spend money going out or train tickets to nearby cities & beaches, I could have gone the entire stay without spending a dime. The hostel even provided free ingredients to cook with, and a volunteer was always cooking something at some point, happy to share. Career-wise, it was a great learning experience. On the surface level and a little beneath, I learned what it takes to run a hostel. Funny enough, it seems a lot simpler than what I originally imagined. I mean of course it’s not that easy, but I’m coming from two years experience working in both Marriott and Hilton brand hotels and studying Hotel Management at university.

Most importantly, I’m not going to forget the people that I met. I’ve met some interesting guests who have come and gone, but what I really mean are the volunteers and staff that I lived with. It really was like a little family. We would do everything together; work together, eat together, relax together, drink together, go out on adventures together… You really become close to people when the situation forces you to. It makes me feel so much more comfortable to know that wherever I travel in Europe, I have a small family in Genova.

Finally, I’m going to miss the German I met on the balcony the night of the big, orange moon. She is the one that really sealed the deal making this my favorite adventure. She herself is an adventure. One of the most intriguing, intelligent, and beautiful people I have met. Distance and plans are not on our side, but we will see each other again… Soon.

I leave to Legnano today, just north of Milan, for an interview at International Language Corner, then I’m not quite sure what I’ll do after that… Perhaps Sardinia? I’ve been meaning to go there. My plans are up in the air but I couldn’t care less, I’m loving every minute of it.

I am a happy man. 

Written 9.17.17

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