Cue Willie Nelson!

Cue Willie Nelson!

On the road again and the adventurous feeling in my heart greets me once more…

I left Genova yesterday. I was so comfortable and that city felt like a home base for me. It was so nice and such an incredible experience, and I will miss it very much. But now, as I write this on a train from Legnano back to Genova to catch a ferry to Sardinia, not quite knowing what the hell lies ahead; the exciting feeling of the unknown has returned.

I only decided to go to Sardinia this morning. Not even an hour ago I was in an interview with the International Learning Corner, which by the way went very well! The entire thing was in Italian, which made it more difficult than I first imagined, but it ended up going very smoothly. I’ll find out more from that soon! Anyways, I decided to go straight to the station after the interview because what the hell else am I going to do? Without any plans, I can do whatever I want. And right now I want to visit my penpal in Cagliari, Sardinia. Ever since I started studying Italian two years ago, I’ve been in contact with Dalila, a student from Cagliari, and we’ve been writing each other as a language exchange. I’ve been meaning to meet up with her ever since I arrived in Italy! The north is getting too cold anyways; I need to soak up the sun before the summer ends. With nothing else to do, what better place than an island?

So… Next stop, Sardinia!

Written 9.18.17

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