Arrivederci, La Superba.

Arrivederci, La Superba.

I look off into the distance and see the Lighthouse of Genova flashing every few seconds, almost as a woman bidding farewell to her beloved at sea. Every wave from Genova hits my heart with a mix of feelings. I really do love that city.

The ship I’m taking to Sardinia is actually quite nice! I’m traveling on Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) Rhapsody from Genova to Porto Torres. We left the port of Genova around 20:15 and are scheduled to arrive in Porto Torres around 08:30. From there I will take a train south across the island to Cagliari. It feels almost like a small cruise ship. Well I’ve never taken a cruise, but it’s how I imagine it. On the upper decks there are bars, restaurants, kid play areas, shops, and a casino. There’s even a club and piano bar, but tonight the ship is quiet as it’s only a Monday I suppose. My favorite thing on board is the lovely sundeck that looks out onto the sea.

For sleeping accommodations, I purchased a ticket for a pullman (bus) seat. The other choices were a shared cabin with beds, a tad bit more expensive, or no seat at all. If you are traveling with a sleeping bag, or even without, you’re able to sleep on the floor of the ship; something I thought to be a little silly. I found many people spread throughout the ship with sleeping bags and air mattresses.

It was a very beautiful thing to see the lights of the Italian Riviera slowly drift further and further into the mist of night. Later on, a storm arrived upon the distant coast and the lightning was very peaceful. For a few hours I was alone on the sundeck with a bottle of chianti and a view of Genova disappearing into the distance.

Farewell Genova, we will see each other again. Until next time… Arrivederci. 

Written 9.18.17

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