Wait, They Speak English Here!

Wait, They Speak English Here!

I’m currently sitting on an old, wooden bench in St. James Park.
In front of me past a small fence, lush greenery covers the grass leading to a large weeping willow and the pond. The pond is home to many ducks, geese, and swans, who all convene along the banks. Many people are out enjoying the peaceful sunshine. It seems like everything is in harmony from where I sit; the nature, the animals, the people. It is very peaceful.
Autumn is just arriving in London. Many of the trees are beginning to turn color, some have already changed. This is my third time in London. It’s the most comfortable city for me outside of The States, perhaps mainly because it was my first city to travel to abroad. But nevertheless, I’ve never seen her in autumn; this is a new beauty for me.

Needless to say, I’ve arrived in London after a brief flight from Milan. There was a funny moment of mental adjustment after getting off the plane when I read a sign that said “Baggage Reclaim”. Wait, they speak English here!, I thought to myself with a laugh. I’m so used to seeing Italian everywhere that it took a moment of realization. I even had to catch myself from beginning my sentences with “Ciao!“.
After taking a bus into Central London, I spent the day wondering the city. I found a super convenient website that allows you to store your luggage in local shops throughout a city, Luggagehero.com. I dropped off my luggage at the host, a small convenience store in Covent Garden, and walked the area. Being back in the comfort of London, a cozy pub, a good pint, and a stroll through St. James Park were my top priorities.

This evening I’m meeting up with the German I met on the balcony in Genova the night of the orange moon, then taking a bus to Wadhurst. There, we will stay for a week Workawaying at a small vegetarian cottage.

I’m very at ease here in this moment and I’m excited for what is to come.

Written 9.27.17

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